LI​-​ON GREVIER (2013)


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LI-ON GREVIER is a Toronto music collective, an assembly of poets, musicians and artists with talents that transcend genre and the humility to live their lives earthbound and eternal.
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released January 13, 2013

All songs written, recorded and produced by LI-ON GREVIER



all rights reserved


LI-ON GREVIER Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: I Thought You Said Verdun
is it in the flower's spores
to leave me alone through the dark winter's course?
i've read it once in prose:
"watch yer daddy like a skeeter on the wall,
and you'll be turnin' em wallflowers rose,
cos hey, everybody's a savior,
when it's a matter of who's bussin' the broth"
Track Name: Genevieu
genny, what did I do?
tell me, genevieu.
it threw you over this side of the moon,
when your lover fessed to me that his love was you.
tell me, genevieu..?
'cos I feel you've done me wrong, genny.
Track Name: Can't Trust No One
my number's drawn,
drawn upon my arm:
can't trust no one.
Track Name: Apple
the apple of your eye feels like grape on my tongue; s'quite an escape for an angel from the right in the wrong light with a marginal brain; it's hard to explain but not unlike the way the rich in thought feel down and out in casting doubt.
Track Name: Mild Depressions in Postlapsaria
mild depressions and the wild subdued,
razed in the headlights till the heartlight's eschewed.
drink till I'm thirsty, deflate to a ball,
and carpet the floor as it tilts to a wall.
it all looks the same with closed eyes and an honed impertinence, you could say.
every craving a bottle d'oubliette or a stage for pretense, you could say.
where every window cages an unforgiving sky,
and every sky envelops an unobliging world,
supine and purulent.
who am i in all this
signed truly
Track Name: When All Hope Has Wanned
do you wanna be alone tonight,
to sip bordeaux till you tire of reading gogol by the tele-fire?
do you wanna hear me swear outright,
'by deuteronomy, i never seen a girl so graceful in her strife'?
well i do,
and if the virus took our sight, i'd live alright with you,
and i do,
know that if our world imploded, i'd stay devoted to you,
and just you.
when all the proles are crazy,
when all hope has wanned,
would you even need a man at all?
would you still be as cynical
when the new world's dawned?
Track Name: Pi (Bonus Track)
seven tramps of which six are in drag,
five urchins carrying H in their bags,
its low tide; this system's in decline.
four bullies carting nickels and dimes,
three dweebers havin a helluva time.
its low tide; this system's in decline,
and when the two parties publicly conglomerate,
you bet there'll be that one insurgent armed, enraging the crowd,
numbers in yer eye, numbers in yer eye
power in the numbers, numbers get you pied.